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Just some icons I made...

icons by nae_
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This is imadeicons, the personal icon journal of nae_. Membership is currently open to all but only I will have posting access.

Most of the icons I make are from my own personal favorite fandoms. I do take requests but please have an idea in mind for what you want! I'm not a mind reader, ya know!?

I'm not a rules whore but I do ask the following.

· Comment - This lets me know you like what you see.
· Credit - It's just a nice thing to do! (either nae_ or imadeicons)
· No Hotlinking - I pay for my own bandwidth and when you hotlink [definition] you are stealing from me.

Please do not edit what I've made or claim it as your own. If you want something specific added to the icon (text, your user name, etc) just drop a comment and I'll gladly do it.

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